Cali weed

Through our intricate breeding process, Calipark cultivates potent indoor flower strains from notorious genetics. We offer a wide selection of premium indoor flower strains.

With us you will find the best weed in Belgium and the surrounding area. The menu of our coffee shop is quite extensive. What is always the same is our quality. Our cannabis is 100% THC organic and pesticide-free. Taste it yourself!

Our hash comes from our regular suppliers in Morocco. This makes the THC percentage many times higher than traditional hash. In addition, these varieties contain a lower CBD content, which makes the effect a lot stronger. This manifests itself in an almost weed-like effect.


THC: 50+ /
5 grams



This highly effective recovery balm helps reduce pain and discomfort and provides a warm, soothing feeling on the skin.


Vape cartridges are the go-to when you need a discreet way to enjoy high potency cannabis oil. The Cure Company produces a powerful line of one-gram ceramic 510 thread THC distillate cartridges.